How about TAD speaker with Accuphase preamp & amp

Dose anyone use TAD speaker(ME1 or E1TX even R1) with C-3850 & A-70 (or C3900&A75...etc)?

TAD's class D amplifier and DAC are a bit cold and violent to me(In same house another class AB TAD amplifier is better amd warmer).

So I want to try another system like accuphase.


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I think it may work fine. I love the sound of T.A.D. speakers (I own Raidho) but wouldn't want a too warm amp on them. I still own an older Accuphase DC player from late 90s and enjoyed it.

My current amp is a Class D output, a W4S integrated. It may not cost much but is dead quiet, clear and clean, with more power than ever needed. I'd not call it warm though, just highly accurate tending lean. It mates well with my D2s. (Whereas an older McCormack DNA-1 is too 'fat' on the D2s.)  Good luck.