How about Monitor Audio Silver 8 speakers ? pair with a Mcintosh MC2105

I am moving to a house in next month, wanna set up a floor standing & solid state amp system in the living room. What I have now:

preamp - Dynaco PAS3x
amp - Dynaco MKIII mono blocks (tube) / Mcintosh MC2105 (SS)

I have a pair of Focal Aria 906 bookshelf in current system.
My living room is not so big , it’s about 20 x 20 ft size, so no big boy floor standers..

I’ve got a pair of Monitor Audio Silver S8 from nearby community, will pick up in next a few days.

Wondering how you audiophile crazy bugs experiencing with this brand speakers , especially how it works with Mcintosh solid state amps..

I used to be a big fan of B&W 803 / 703 ,  but from auditions I feels B&W is a little shy in the lower frequencies and sound stage depth.  Focal floor standers are very nice but a bit high beyond my budget..  And surprisingly this Monitor Audio is so nice in mid range and bass is strong and fast,  sound stage is big compare to its slim size.

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I like Monitor Audio about 10 times more than B&W.  Musical and smooth, without being shy.  They are also in my opinion, much better values than the Focal's at almost any price range.  They do have some boost in the bass and treble, but it's modest and works well. 

Not hard to drive at all, so your Mc's wont' have a problem. 
Thanks Erik..

Just got the pair of speakers from the seller's house,  it will be sitting in boxes for 3 weeks until this baby is moved to my new home..

can't wait..
how do you like these? it's been a while... i'm about to get a pair on CL.