How about mod Music Hall CD25 vs Arcam CD73t

I am looking for a CDP under $1000. I am interested in the modded Music Hall CD25 and Arcam CD73t. Any experience about them are appreciated.
I can't speak about the Music Hall never having heard one, but the Arcam completely blew me away. If you are looking for a very involving player check out the Arcam.
Check out the recent "Music Hall or Rega Planet" thread. Someone's response includes the Arcam player.

Havent heard the 73,Arcam cd92 is what i find outstanding and a decent price used id 700,I had a Music Hall cd25 and ultimately used it for a few months but it really didnt do it for me no matter how much hype it was given.The Arcam cd92 sounds so good that it just puts cd way above anything close to it.
I agree with Jalapenos , I have the Arcam 73 and am very impressed with it so far ( had it for a month ) Thinking of the factory upgrade to the 82, supposed to be a big step up.
The 73 is smooth, very detailed, and involving...not a common combination at any price, let alone under $1K !

Good Luck,