How about Herbies dampers on XLR's?

These work great on small signal tubes.There is a new version(size only)that got a glowing review on Pos Feedback.These were made for,and used specifically on the metal "can" part of XLR connetions.
My friend(who has to have every tweak/accessory available)got a bunch.I cannot take his word for it,because he rationalizes everything he spends his money on(though he has a fabulous system).
Any thoughts!
What you are talking about is an item intended to damp vibrations in the connectors. Here are a few takes on this. Some folks do nothing and are perfectly happy with the sound of their systems. Others have reported that wrapping the connectors with teflon tape helps. Some, like me, have purchased the Herbies (I use them on RCA's) and can't really say for sure there is a difference, but since their systems sound good they (we) believe the dampers can't hurt.
I also have the the Herbies on my RCA's and I can't say there is a difference with or without them it sounds the same both ways?
A much more obvious improvement with the tube dampers than the plug dampers?