How about female RCA suggestions.

I installed WBT 0210 AgMs  female connectors in my Kismet Monos. Bought from Parts Connexion they came in a little plastic bag. Chris says they buy in bulk and that's why no retail packaging.

Anyways I have a hum when connected to my new Audience Au24SX. I can slightly twist the interconnect and it goes away. This is a 90 db hum. Scares the hell out of you.  I have  a feeling the RCA's  are undersized.

They do sound good.  Any other suggestions for a pair of great sounding female connectors? 



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When soldering the center terminal did you have a male RCA inserted into the jack?
By so doing it acts as a centering guide and also as a heat sink.
If the center pin is overheated it can become off centered and can cause erratic connection problems.

Thanks for the comments.

Chris at Parts Connexion admitted a concern with these connectors as when I emailed him he instructed just to turn the male end a tad. Certainly not the first time he heard of this problem. They are designed totally different than standard RCA.  Maybe just not a good match for the Audience AU24SX  male RCA's.