How about an Audiogon poll for 2004? Categories?

For those who have missed it I have launched a website called lugs with some music reviews for Audiogon members.

We plan to update it with our review of the year/best of lists and reviews for some other 2004 releases etc.

However I thought it would be fun to poll Audiogoners for their favourites-I'll conduct the poll with the results published with the full review of 2004.
I'd allow a top 3 from each voter and hopefully generate quite long lists.
Polling would be done directly to myself via the Audiogone-mail button-easier to detect in my inbox.

A good idea or not?

Here is how I see the categories.





BEST SACD (Remaster)

BEST DVDA (as above)

BEST VINYL (as above)

Please do not start mailing me yet until we sort out the categories and to see if this is a goer or not.

Should be fun and will Audiogoners an input in the years review.

What do you think?
I think it's a great idea, and I'm going to propose a tweak. "Best" implies first hand listening to every release issued during the year. I'll wager no one qualifies. I'd like to propose substituting the word "Favorite" for "Best". We'll all benefit from some terrific music recommendations, and hopefully avoid the arguments over what's "Best".
Sounds great. I think Tvad's phrasing of "favorite" is more accurate.

An interesting poll for me would ask:

"Favorite CD or LP song to demo speakers with?"
How about a: best music to demo new lingere?
Nrchy, I've met you. If it's you in that lingerie, I don't want to hear that song.

First, that's a very nice site you've put together which should prove to be a very valuable tool with this community.

I agree with the "favorite" term as being most honest besides having a refreshing sound to it. It's certainly much less competitive sounding.

You may as well begin just lumping all of the software together since I see a trend toward vinyl becoming available new. As an example I offer Neil Young's "Greendale" in an incredible 3 LP boxed set that rivals the quality of anything I've ever purchased. This ain't no new jazzed up reissue. Makes me feel good. Very good.

Ok favourite it is guys.

How about I drop the new and remaster category for the formats and just make favourite remaster a single category with the format in brackets?
I like the distinction between new and remaster...
LOL-I like it too Tvad and those not pre-disposed to distinguish or care I suppose I can put into the correct categories.

I don't doubt there will be the odd mistake or anomaly in voting which will need sorted anyway.
I'd like to throw one into the mix live concert DVD? Might there be a market for that one in this list?

Any takers with Z's idea personally I think it is possibly veering away from audio per se but I think maybe a lot of Audiogoners would like this idea.
What do you think?
Although I personally collect concert DVDs and I like to hear about people's favorites, there is already a thread devoted to this topic. So, I'd vote in favor of leaving your list as it is, Ben.
Another shameless plug for those who missed this.
This is now going live;see seperate thread in new topics(Music) when it arrives.