How about a "Remember This?" forum AudioGon?

I had the wacky idea of seeing if the good folks at AudioGon could set up a forum where guys like me (who are literature pack-rats) could post scanned photos of old adds, lit. pics, etc. of vintage stereo gear.

Purusing through my old mid 70's Stereo Review and Audio mags got me reminiscing and I thought this might be kinda neat for some of us.

What do any of you think?

PS -- Remember the Pioneer HPM-200 loudspeaker system? This was the era that I first got "hooked" on Hi Fi and yes, I STILL have the original lit. for it!
I second this good idea. It really should stand alone from the Vintage Equipment area.
Speaking of "remember this", it's too bad someone hasn't gathered together all of the old Lirpa product reviews from Audio magazine along with the audio related comics of Charles Rodriguez as found in Stereo Review. Some of these were really funny and subject appropriate. As a case in point, Rodriguez had one strip commenting on how "sane" a guy was after buying a 25 watt mono tube amp for $5500. Bare in mind that this was 1984 !!! Sean
Its a good idea, its amazing how many pieces come back to haunt you. It might be best for comedic purposes only, no need to relive things that have stood the test of time. There are some large auction sites which have those "lost in audio hell" pieces for sale all the time.
Sounds like a great idea. I have some old Playboy mags which ,I think, are kept for the vintage audio ads as much as they are for the women.
Like these for instance VINTAGE PAIR OF HITACHI SPEAKERS FLOOR STANDING 70S (sorry there was a picture)
man, i wrote (what i thought was) a brilliant lirpa labs review here on the 'gon once, but i can't for the life of me find it anywhere.

those are great!
Speaking of "remember this"! I remember when Sean provided informative and entertaining posts all the time, not just once in a while!
Nice idea for a thread.

I've asked this a couple of times but NEVER received a response from someone who recalled a system of speakers I once had (of course, there could be other reasons for no responses!). :-)

During the "Quad Days", in about 1976, I had a Pioneer 727 and then a Marantz 4400, which most recall. However, I had a system of ESS speakers that were called Satellite 4's. There were four small 6" drivers in separate boxes for FR, FL, RR, and RL and a 12" bass-reflex speaker. All were run through an outboard cross-over box which ran into the receiver/amp. Kind of a precursor to subwoofers and outboard crossovers more common today. I still have two of the satellites and the bass reflex. The crossover box got lost in a move and I gave two of the satellites to a friend a long time ago. Anyone remember these? Love to find the original X-over box to re-create a retro system some day!

Yeah, those Rodrigues cartoons were something I always looked forward to! (sometime the ONLY thing in Stereo Review).

I actually have a book of some of his stereo-related cartoons called "Total Harmonic Distortion" that I won, as a runner-up in one of the caption contests that S. Review used to hold annually -- remember those??

You might try a Google search or check Amazon for it.

And yes, those Lirpa Labs reviews were funny as all get out!