How about a new addition to every posting made?

I'd like to see a new addition or at least an option made to us on every post that we make. That is, one should be able to list the specific recording and performer that they are listening to at the time of submission. It would also be nice to have an area to submit whether the source was a CD, vinyl, satellite radio, FM broadcast, tape, computer based playback, etc...

All of this should be strictly optional and at the discretion of the poster. This would save those that didn't want to be bothered with such things the trouble of having to check certain boxes and / or those that are sitting in their office cubicles and not listening to music the trouble of having to check a box, etc... to post without including this info.

I think that this would be a "neat-o" addition to Agon's posts. Not only would it bring more of the attention back to the music, it might also give others a chance to get to see what we listen to and how we listen to it. This could lead to further discussions of specific recordings, performers, etc...

I've seen and used this over at AudioCircle and kind of liked it. What do you folks think? Sean
I love the idea and use it on AudioCircle. Occasionally I will contact a member based upon their listening preferences and I usually find out about music I need.

I would also like to be able to list the music in reverse chronological order when looking up a member.

Currently listening to Joe Sample: Soul Sessions
Sounds like a great idea and not too time consuming!
Are you implying that the music listened to is actually a factor?
I like the idea...

Currently at work listening to the Cowboy Junkies - Rarities, B-Sides and Slow, Sad Waltzes on CD.

Very cool idea. I'd do it.

For starters, now listening to the Bodeans via tuner on 88.5 WXPN, IMHO the worlds' greatest radio station, available anywhere at ;-)

Interesting new angle!!!
At home office now listening to "Coast of Malabar" cut 7 of Chieftains Long Black Veil
GREAT IDEA Sean! I've always have enjoyed the 'music' aspect of these forums and have had some great recommendations come from reading here. It would also help understand different members musical tastes/leanings which is an important aspect of understanding their preferences in gear as well as music.

Not listening right now as I'm on my way out the door, but you'd find Mindy Smith in one of my system and a wonderful recording of the Dussek Concerto in B flat for two Pianos and Orchestra (Centaur - Toni and Ros Grunschlag duo piano, Paul Angerer conducting the Vienna Volksoper) would be in the other system.

Excellent idea, Sean. After all, it is the reason we all showed up here in the first place.

About to cue up the soundtrack to "Tous Les Matins du Monde"
Not my idea. As mentioned, i liberated it from Audiocircle, so someone over there deserves the credit. I'm glad that others appear open to the idea.

I would ask that if you like this idea, let's come up with exactly what features we want to be able to take advantage of. In order to keep it simple for Agon to institute, my recommendation is to just list the band, the name of the disc and the format being played. If one continually sees interesting musical info being listed by individual posters, it would not be hard to click on a few of their more recent posts to see what they've been listening to.

Using this approach, you may be able to find others that share similar listening tastes. This in turn can be used to spread the word about good discs and / or less popular finds that are worth checking into. I've always liked finding music that i enjoyed that was off the beaten path and i'm sure that others do to. Such a system would give us the opportunity to do so with one additional line of text. As mentioned, this should be optional, so if you didn't want to bother with it, you would do nothing different than what you do now to submit a post.

Did i miss anything? Remember, Agon already has their work cut out for them, so let's try and keep it simple. Sean
Great way to find new tunes.

Etta James = CD = Live from San Francisco = song#4 Sugar On The Floor

This song has emotion. Had the pleasure to see Etta a few times in Monterey.
I like it. It may give a chance to open some other discussions, more music related than the typical 'What preamp power cord supporting device should I use?' threads.

BTW, I'm currently spinning John Coltrane's Lush Life. On Licorice Pizza of course.

Seems to me they could accomplish that with a footer field that would
run at the bottom of the post - similar to the header field that carries
the subject. Just limit the characters to a bit more than the subject
header since some classical titles can be fairly lengthy.

Not really sure about the importance of the format. Personally, in
looking for musical tastes/trends in a member, I would not give that
particular detail any weight at all. Others may have more interest. The
label may be important. I suppose whether the the item is in print or
not would be good to know, but you can find that easily by going to target=_blank href=>Gemm, or other
websites or search engines, or simply email the A'goner off the thread.

Yeah, so title, artist, label in a footer would be my suggestion.


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See", Luaka Bop