How about a home theater/videogame sys that's 360?

I'm wondering when they'll ever come out with the total immersive 360 degree surround video gaming experience?!
I saw a system the other day, that was an omnisphere planetarium...a total immersive setup. My thoughts are why wouldn't there be a system, which you mounted to your ceiling - say, where the ceiling light would be - that would project an image (or multiple immages) out and down to the room boundaries? All you would need to do is have a completely white walled room, and place some 8' tall curved pannels in the corners! Then, the projection unit from the ceiling (driven by a game console, computer, etc) would project a total 360 degree immersive gaming experience...PUTTING YOU RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACTION! Basically, you'd fight, er play, from a chair/chairs in the center of the room!
Anyway, I think it sounds coooool! And the projector unit could double (perhaps using one of the projection lense out-puts) as a video projector, when it's movie time!
I'm just could easily be a marketable possibility, with software to support and such! - ya think?
Anyone else think this is a good idea?
So how do you get around room art, plants, doorways, decorations, lamps and such then combine that with problems of seatingduring long play sessions, a spinning chair in center off room? I could see use of 3 screens but not the entire 360 being very viable for most. 3 screens allows o.e to be seated and anchored in one spot with front and side views. I think thats good enough but I am no gamer so what do I know?
well I, for one, have a spare 12'x11'x x9' room, that's basically empty at the moment. I think the space would warrant this kind of a system, if the technology presented itself. I also think that many diehard gamers would embrace such a thing, and make room for it- in a garage at the very least- if what was being offered was of "simulator" quality level, and exciting enough with exlt content...minus the pictures, plants, lamps, of course!
Dunno. I asked some 20-somethings, who play videogames for hours on end, every day, and they thought it was a definite BUY!!! So, guess the marketing would have to be worked out, to see if there even was a market.
I'm thinking, that if you sold the system for $1500, that there'd be at least a segment of the market available for it. I'm just thinking. However, since only one person responded to this post, then again, maybe not!!! - lol