how 2 make a surge tank for the ET2

could someone poin me in the direction of how to make a surge tank for the eminent tech 2 arm?

thank you,

It's been a long time, but I used some decent sized PVC pipe...maybe about 3 feet long. Glued some rounded end caps to each end...I had to then seal each seam with clear sealant (caulk) to make it airtight. A couple of barbed fittings screwed into opposite ends..everything available at a home store. I can't remember if I stuffed it full if something like polyester batting or not. There must be an ET2 users group somewhere. I assume there are a bunch of those arms out in the world.

Why not ask Bruce @ ET? He's been beyond helpful to me and even though he's busy, takes the time to reach out and guide you. Great product, superb support. Jeff
What is a surge tank????
Eddaytona, a "surge tank" is also called a "resonance chamber." It is an air storage chamber inserted between the pump and the tonearm (or other airbearing device). It's purpose is to help even out the pulses created from the piston action of the air pump by forming a reservoir of air to partially buffer the action of the pump from the airbearing device.