Hovland Radia, Pass labs xa30.5 or Chord SPM1200c

I am looking for a new amp for my Monitor Audio Pl-300's ( wil sell them and go for Pl-200's, I have a PLW-15 as well. I use a Meridian 800Daxv4 as source. I can use it as a pre amp like the 808i as well. I have own the Pass labs XP-20 and XA-100.5, 60.5 and xa30.5 as well. But the preamp of the Meridian is very good in use without a highend preamp. I did this before. I use Nordost Valhalla as speakercable, and Valhalla powercable for the Meridian. I will use a Purist Audio power cable for the power amp. What will be the best choice..
While I know that the Hovland Radia has garnered some really good reviews, you should know, (if you don't already), that Hovland has gone under. Therefore, if you need service, you'll be getting it from an independent technician, and not from Hovland. Something to consider.

Good Luck in your search.