Hovland Preamp or Others?

I heard the Hovland preamp when it first came out and really loved the sound. There seems to be some used ones from time to time for under $4K. I currently use a Pass Labs X-1 into the Pass Labs X-250 but I really miss the tube sound. I want to get tubes back into my system. I would like a preamp with a remote but the Hovland, First Sound don't so maybe not so big of an issue if that is the price for better sound.

What preamp would you suggest to mate with the Pass X-250 power amp say in the price range new or used $3K-$5K.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
the aleph series of preamps had a warmth to it that isn't quite tube warmth but maybe close enough to you. Ijust read that Hovland has come out with a remote preamp but goo dluck finding that here on the 'gon.

If you retube a Blue Circle BC-3 galatea with some Mullards you get pretty close to the Hovland tonality but add a degree of immediacy and "therenes" that the Hovland lacks. Tonally I think the Mcintosh tube preamp comes pretty close to the Hovland as does the Rowland Synergy IIi.
The Hovland is a very good preamp. I prefer the Hovland to the Mac but a personal choice.
My #1 choice is the First Sound Deluxe, however this is more difficult to fine used. I currently have the First Sound matched to the Ayre solid state, a very nice combination.
I would also look at the Conrad Johnson 16 LS MK11 preamplifier. It has the house Conrad Johnson warm tube sound(not colored) and a remote. I use it with a SS Jeff Rowland amplifier with great results. I went from an Audio Research preamp to a Conrad Johnsone and found the CJ a better match in my system.
What about "deal of the sentury-Supratek" would not work with pass X250 ?