Hovland is coming out with a new component????

The newest Stereophile has a Hovland ad that shows a new component called "blue" that will debut at CES. Does anyone know anything about this component? Is it a CD player?
I've heard that it's a power conditioner which runs completely off battery power generated by a nuclear capsule, allowing users to avoid power line hash. It glows blue, and if it overheats, it makes everything else in your listening room glow blue too.

Just kidding :^) Any ideas anyone?
I *knew* you were pulling our legs. A nuclear powered line conditioner would glow green!
My nuclear powered line filter glows greenish yellow and Mothra Ressearch Unlimited said not to worry about it as most of it ends up in the dual mono tailings ponds anyway......see Mothra Power Platinum at www.mothraresearch.com as they have the pictures of one of these being installed here......Also see recreating life for a real thrill! Now why do you think they have hospitals?
My deepthroat tells me that it is going to be an integrated
solid state amp, cheers