Hovland HP100 vs CJ 16LS vs CAT Ultimate

I need help deciding on my next pre-amp and am looking for opinions from those who've heard any of these..I do like the "CJ sound" and am leaning that way right now..thanks in advance for your replies.
I've owned the CAT, I currently own a Sonic Frontiers Line 3, a Hovland HP-100, a Blue Circle, I just sold an Aesthetix Io phono stage and have heard the cj you mention. In my own system, (Lamm M1.1s, Sonic Frontiers Transport 3 and Processor 3, VPI TNT-V and Hales T8s) the Hovland is my favorite. It is wondefully liquid and musical but has a great extended high end that is not bright or edgy. I think it is more detailed and extended than the cj, less in your face forward than the CAT, more musical than the Line 3. BUT, if you like the cj sound or your system tends toward the bright or over-analytical, you may be happier with the cj. Also, if you do analog, the phono section in the Hovland is INCREDIBLE!! I do not feel I have lost anything by selling my $7,000 Aesthetix Io (even though the Hovland is only $6,500 for both line and phono stage). Again, system matching personal preferences and musical tastes all make for having to take this advice with a grain of salt.
Thanks for your reply..very helpful info..the Hovland is looking like a winner to me..my speakers have a slightly relaxed treble so the Hovland may be a better match than the CJ..which I'm sure is good too..very nice system you have put together.
I own the Ultimate and am trying out the Bryston 7bsts. Is it your view that the Hovland is distinctly superior to the CAT?
In my system the Hovland is superior but YMMV.
I am a CAT Ultimate owner who has not yet heard the Hovland. I have heard all the raves about the Hovland and, given that those raving seem to agree on what they like about it, I am sure that the Hovland competes in that ultimate preamp category and may be even better than the CAT. But, I don't see how anyone could say that the CAT is "in your face forward". It just isn't.