Hovland HP-200P Preamp - Tube Rolling

Anyone out there have actual experience with
tube rolling on the the Hovland HP-200P preamp?
Looking for more speed, more detail and tighter

I am also looking for a backup tube set for the
standard off the shelf configuration from Hovland.
Now that they are closing shop, I am having trouble
finding a source that matches these exact tubes.
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A friend had an HP-200. When we replaced the phono-stage tube, I believe a 12AX7 with an Amperex Bugle Boy 12AX7 the sound was dramatically better -- more nimble, and alive sounding. It is worth doing some tube rolling with that unit.
More suggestions. For a faster, tighter sound, Telefunken tubes would also work well for the 12AX7 positions (marked ECC83 or as 12AX7). For the 12AT7 position, perhaps a 5751 would be a good choice. The 5751s could also be used in the 12AX7 positions, but, they offer lower gain than a 12AX7. The Hovland appears to have plenty gain so that is not a big deal.

Unfortunately, these older tube types are not cheap, particularly when compared to current production tubes. But, in my opinion, the Hovland is worthy of the better vintage tubes out there.

Good luck on your search.
I have not personally used your preamp but I have used many ECC81 and ECC83 tubes in various pieces. There are many nice NOS ECC83 that will work well. Personally I prefer 5751 in most of my equipment. I really the the 3 mica Sylvania black plates with gold letters. The 3 mica GE black plates are also nice.

As I said I don't know your preamp and if it has provisions to swap types of tubes, 12ax7,12at7. 6922 etc. If not I wouldn't use a 5751 in the 12at7 position as the cathode resistor's should be changed to match the bias correctly for the 5751. But hey it's your gear!

There are some nice 12at7 out there. I love the E81cc 3 mica Siemens, the gold pin Valvo 12at7wa and also the Sylvania 12at7wa are both very nice also. I also like Mullards NOS tubes in that position. All are nice but have different sound.

Happy Rolling