Hovland HP-100 Users

Do you use or have you used the Hovland HP-100? If so, do you find it to be overly tough on the tubes? The last couple sets of NOS Mullards that I installed seemed to get noisy rather quickly, after about six months. Have you experienced this issue?

Also, have you tried the EAT 12AX7's? They are very pricey!
I had this pre for about 4 years. Purchased new. Never replaced tubes, or heard any need to. Loved the pre, ir performed flawlessly and was gorgeous looking, but moved up the food chain.

Well, it could just be the quality (or lack thereof) of the NOS Mullards I have been getting. I think that I will try the Sophia Electric this time; they are half the price of the EAT...

I love the Hovland too; been looking at the Audio Research Ref Phono 2 though, I think it sounds better than the Hovland's internal phono. Curious, what did you move up too?
I had a HP 100 for a year without any problems. I used the stock tubes (Sovteks). I remember the manual stating not to roll the tubes in the Hovland as it would not improved the sound. The Sovteks are known to be very durable tubes and hearty tubes. Maybe the circuit is tough on the Mullards?

If it wasn't for the lack of a remote, I would still have this pre.
2nd owner, stock Sovteks, no fuss, no problem. I really like the sound, looks, and don't plan to change anytime soon. That being said, would like to A/B a First Sound Deluxe Mk III with this baby.

I moved up -- and it really was a move up -- to a Wyetech Opal and have not looked back. After rolling different tubes, I now use Sylvania Bad Boys and Russian NOS 6sn7's or whatever the Russian equivalent was and have been very happy. It's the one component I hardly ever think of replacing.

I've listened to the Opal before, it's a very good piece. I may have to re-visit it when I move on from the Hovland.
Do you have a Wytech amp?
No, I use VTL 125 MB's (EL-34's) on my KHorns and a pair of Cary 500MB's on my Magnepans.
If you like the Wyetech Opal wait until you hear the new Wyetech Ruby. I have a few audio friends in Ottawa who are beta testers or something like that who tell me that the Ruby is awesome.
I used to dream about the Opal and the 211 mono's w/me roasting to a golden brown after each session.