++ Hovland HP-100 Pre ++

I have read a lot of press about this pre. As far as I can make out, it definitely is not for those audiophiles who want a pre to be a neutral wire. It adds its own signature to the sound, but it is an irresistable musical component. Any HP-100 owners please comment.....thanks....mark
I'm not sure what you mean but I replaced $10,000 separates
(Jadis DPL and DPMC)with the Hovland HP100MC and am very pleased. It is significantly more transparent than my former reference which can be unsettling if there are weaknesses in the rest of the system. I use it with a Jadis
Defy 7 Mark IV tube amp, Audio Physic Virgo IIs and Audio Physic Terra subwoofer, TNT 4/Graham/Helikon and Cardas wire. It is the best I've ever owned. The only preamp I've
heard better is the Jadis JP80MC, but, at $18,000, not a likely purchase for me.

I have heard it on several occasions. I would describe it as having a very decent smooth midrange, a captivating and extended high end, but no bass. On another occasion, the high end sounded overemphasized. It is not really bright in the classic sense, but the highs are just overly spotlit. I would say that it is a quality preamp, and was a good buy for the money when it originally came out, but there are better preamps out there that give you more, particularly a full range low end as well as those areas that the Hovland does well.