++ Hovland HP-100 ++

Any comments on this preamp? Has anyone lived with it for a while and not tired of it, from what I have heard it is an intensely engaging piece of equipment. Sometimes this means that it adds its signature to the sound; once that happens you and the pre may get too familiar , and thus you may breed contempt....thanks....Mark
Can not comment from my own experience, but a close friend who is an Audiogoner and might chime in, LOVES his HP-100. He spends a lot of time and money on his sytems and it is the one piece he says he will not replace for a while. His only complaint, and one he is willing to live with is the lack of a remote...
hummm, well put, "contempt". Hovland makes a very fine product. They also print some very bold statements in the mags, and one reviewer tried to back up the claims, however the mag posted a letter (Absolute Sound, issue 133 Dec 2001, i can fax you the 2 letters if you want, no problem) from a reader that questioned the reviewers statements. The reviewer tried to explain why he made such bold statements...got himself in deeper if you read carefully, very funny statements this Peter Braverman makes).All i can tell you that the unit is expensive, buy used then you're not out so much.
I have had the HP100 about 9 months and could not be more pleased with it. I have the version with MC phono. I replaced an Audible Illusions L1 and Audio Research PH3 and the HP100 is much superior as both a line stage and phono stage. The preamp is hard to describe as the music seems very alive with highs that seem to extend forever. It doesn't seem colored or euphoric but very open as if all veils were removed. I am using it with Sonic Frontiers Power 3SE mono's, SFD2mk2 DAC/SFT1 Transport, HW19MkIV TT with Grado Statement, and Vienna Acoustics Mahler speakers.