Houston TX


I am looking for Audio dealers/retailers in the Houston TX area. Interested in the best 2-channel Audio.
Ne plus ultra is Austin is great...just 2+ hours nw of you....
Surprisingly, I don't think there is anyone left in Houston who will meet your criteria (specializes in 2 channel audio). Please, someone prove me wrong!
Many Thanks!
try jim meine at epicaudio@sbcglobal.net.
class act, very knowledgeable
Galen Carol in San Antonio, http://www.gcaudio.com/

Although never purchased from him he is always helpful and professional.

Have read many good comments about him.



both Ne plus Ultra & Galen Carol are great. Looking to stay in the Houston area.
Houston is, indeed, a wasteland as far as superior audio stores are concerned. If you do go to Austin, you might also check out Whetstone Audio.

Regards from humid Houston = =

rshak (Robert)
Much Thanks! Robert. Damn shame that our 4th largest U.S. city does not/cannot support its Audiophiles?