Houston GSP-02

I am considering buying a new GSP-02 for 625.00. Can I get some feedback from some owners of this amp? Please, only owners or past owners. I've read all of the opinions from non owners already. Thanks.
I just purchased one and I am VERY pleased with it. I am looking to get different tubes.... KT 100 are not cutting it on the high end. I am running Magnepan MMG's and the mid is just too present, but the bass is just GREAT. Overall I love the sound of a tube amp; I could go on about details and I will if you want to get in contact with me, but there is just so much "detail" and lack of graininess with this amp... I know what musical means now......
... On that last review... I just got the amp and Maggies and Allen said that The Maggies and the tube take a while to open up.... All I can say is that $625 is not a lot to get into a tube amp that sounds great....
Thanks for the posts and the information.
Thanks for the info. I decided to go with a Golden Tube Audio SE-40 with new Sovtek tubes for 400.00. I put the remainder of the money into a Rega Planar 2 turntable. I should be getting them soon. I hope I didn't make a mistake. I think the 40W GTO will be enough to drive the top end of my speakers (Snell A-III's). I have a 150W Class A on the bottom, it has input controls so I can balance the top and bottom. I heard a lot at different sites about going with equipment that is well known for ease of repair and resale.