House speaker wires advise?

Getting my house re-wired for all around sound in every room including the basement, bathrooms, kitchen etc. Wanted to get some advise on audio speaker cables, not looking to spend thousands on wires since the sound is mainly going to be for enternmaint purpose and not critical listening.

I was informed to purchasse home depot speaker wires, I believe 12 or 14g. Scratch Head Is that a good idea or should I go with something different?

You need to use wire that meets building code for in-wall use. I have used Carol E1062.12 wire, and I think it is good, Parts Item 100-742. It is AWG12. 500 feet costs $213, but 1000ft is on sale for $299.
A couple other choices you might want to consider are Kimber KWIK-12 or KWIK-16, and Canare 4s11. I have used both for in wall with very good results. You might want to spring a bit more for your basement, kitchen, etc and go cheaper for the bathrooms etc. Check with your building inspectors, some are more stringent than others.