Hottest Wife or World's Best System??

Happy New Year everyone. And tired of the same old debates on the forum. Let's have some fun. Most of us on this site are blessed with great audio systems and a hot wife. But.....if you weren't, and given a choice. To have the Hottest wife in the World, or to Have the World's Best Audio system withou debate. You can't have both. Take into consideration, what lasts longer. Music goes on and women , well.... Forget about it, I'd take the audio system. Have a Great New Year everyone!!
10. (HW)- The adj. "Hot" diminishes w/ time while a(GS) gets hotter as time passes by. 9. Most of us listens more to what comes of a (GS) more than what comes out of the (HW). 8. You can tinker with the (GS) knobs more than the (HW)..did I mention you don't have to ask permission and you can do it anytime? 7. It's easier to turn on a (GS) then a (HW), even if everyone is not in the "mood". 6. When you're confused and have any questions about your (GS), you can actual ask other guys' opinion....and get the right answers. As for when you don't understand problems you're experiencing your (HW)? Good guys on this earth, let alone this site, can offer any help....not even to a not so hot wife (no offense). 5. (GS) the louder the better. (HW) you can do the math. 4. (GS) you can switch partner (brands) with out much effort. Trying to do the same with the (HW)? goodluck! 3. (GS) the heavier..the better. (HW) ?????..unless that's your fetish. 2. When you're tired of your (GS), you can put it up on ebay, audioreview, or audiogon for sale without being arrested. 1. You get money back when you get rid of your (GS). Getting rid of your (HW) is the opposite...allomonies, pallomonies, give away all your monies.... I don't know about you guys, but this is a hard decision. Maybe some one else can point us to the light. Ciao.
The hot wife will end up costing your system when she finds a hotter guy! Stick with the best system and find someone who loves you and your system. Looks fade, go for love! groovy.
3chihuahuas said it all. GS IS THE WAY TO GO. Hottest wife can become not-so-hot pretty soon. Then you are stuck. Replacement can be very expensive proposition.A flip side of the thread can be SEX or GREAT SYSTEM. Now you have a debate!
I very satisfied with my hot wife, but I don't think I will ever be satisfied with my system.
Glad to see such a shallow thread! Best systen of course. The best part is that, unlike the hot girl, you can always turn it off.
Its the same question audiophiles in out of the way places have had to face for years: what are you supposed to do when the tubes go?
I propose a compromise: I'd be happy to have my great audio system and someone else's hot wife -- that way, after we've had our fun, she can leave. Happy New Year!
This might be why there are so few women audiophiles. I am glad to see that women are still judged only by their looks. Probably why there's such a high divorce rate.
I'm once again reminded that I've never met a man who could handle fast cars and fast women. So, if I modify the question slightly... I'll take the fast cars, great audio and my wife and I'll still be happy! Happy New Year all.
A woman is still judge by her looks no more than a man is judge by his big bank accounts. Look at all those power rich guys in the movie and sport industries. Their divorce lawyers are as busy as their priests because they can afford to. Most of them are not into hifi, but into fast women. They upgrade their women as often as we upgrade our systems. Don't forget that we are came from the animal kingdom. Looking for the most attract mate have being enbedded in our brains for millions of years of evolution. This is why most of us, in general, have the same perception of beauty, a symetrical face, high check bones, white teeth, a specific chest to hip to waist ratios, and etc..
I see this as as an age related thing, and I'd go for Hot Wife from age 21 to 22, Best System from age 22 to 88. By then hearing will be gone, so die in a bordello at age 105.
I would take a hot wife first than i would plug her into the same outlet as my hi fi system and see what lasts longer than i will keep the winner.
Glutton hit bullseye with his feedback. The music lasts, and lasts..... Masterbate is the way to go; there is no complaints, no cuddling, no nagging, costs nothing and it could be any woman you desire. The mind is a powerful tool.
Gotta disagree with 3Chihuahuas on his explantion of some sort of standard regarding women and beauty. This is a lot more mental and culture-specific than just plain ol' natural evolution. Think of how different the ideal woman was in Reubens time than now. Hell, just look at a movie from the 1950s to see how much fatter the ideal woman was. And if this idea of procreating only with some standardized, beautiful woman was such a basic evolutionary driver, there would be a lot fewer ugly people in the world than there are. After a fashion, the same argument can be made against saying there is one standard for sound. Think of how our Western minds are trained to listen for music based on the 12-note scale, while Asian and Middle Eastern music takes a very different approach. Think of those guys who drive around with 20 subwoofers stuffed in their Civics-- don't you think they value bass differently than somebody who covets minimonitors? I think there's more room for "subjectivity" here than you might think.
hey guys, i've not only got a hot wife, but she buys me stereo equipment as well! eat your hearts out!!!, I read your comments, (quote): ("and continue to masterbate"). Does that have something to do with becoming a master fisherman? And, do you have to first be a sea man?
Wife??? That scares me!!! She will rearrange the furniture!!! My Mono's will be off the floor and Audiogon!!! She will try to sweep under my meticulously suspended speaker wire!!! I'll have to put a *%#^#% tv in between my speakers!!! My room treatments !!!!