"Hotrodded Tubed Linestages at 40% Savings - Limited Offer!"

Corby's Audio out of Toronto, Canada and Allnic have teamed up to both improve the circuit design of the entry Allnic L1500 built with the L7000 transformers and also offer new units for 40% off retail making it a stellar value.  


https://corbysaudio.com/  -- ships worldwide. 

Of their linestage preamp product line I have owned the L4000, L3000 mkii, L5000 DHT and currently own and love the L10,000 OTL/OCL

Anthony Kershaw has reviewed much of the Allnic Eletronics and Allnic ZL cable product line.  While the link above is sponsored I trust his impressions.  I have heard the L7000 and believe it best even the L5000 DHT.  Improved dynamics, lower noise floor, no microphony.  Stable presentation with no maintenance expected with tube gear.

If the L1500 as configured delivers 80% of the performance of the L7000, this should be considered.

Don Corby is a strait shooter.  I view him more of a consultant than a sales guy. 

Hay Anthony how did the listening session go yesterday? I missed  due to remembrance day events I was involved in. I really wanted to hear this on his La Scala's.