Hotlanta: Best Shops for used Vinyl

Hey folks! Anybody recommend some LP shops in ATL that are known for used record shopping? I will be staying downtown, but have wheels. Bonus question: Anybody recommend top 3 fine dining/dive bars/happy hours near W hotel downtown? thanks. Happy 4th ya all!
I just checked and BLT Steak has closed at the W. I would go to Rathbun's on Krog Street. Great happy hour, great food. Kevin Rathbun is one of the top chefs in the country. He also has a steak restaurant.
There are two in Little 5 Points: Wax N' Fax and Criminal Records.  Wax N' Fax is where Peter Buck from REM used to work.
Little 5 Points has a funky vibe and is fun to walk around- just don't wear a suit. There is an old movie theater in Little 5 called the Variety Playhouse ( that gets great artists if you are in the mood for live music. The Euclid Ave. Yacht Club (across the street from Variety) is my favorite dive bar in Little 5 and has excellent pub food and believe it or not- Brunswick Stew. You could pick up some vinyl, eat some stew at the Yacht Club, wash it down with a few brews, and catch a show at the Variety.  In Buckhead, Fantasyland on Pharr road has been around for 30+ years. As far as downtown happy hours, the rooftop bar on the Glenn hotel is fun and I ate at BLT steak in your hotel a few years ago. Atlanta has numbers of excellent fine restaurants. There are a couple of groups- Buckhead Life or Ford Fry- that operate several places. Unfortunately, you will probably have to take a cab/uber to Midtown, Little 5 Points, or Buckhead. Downtown can still be kind of rough at night.