Hot wiring headphone cables directly inside the earcup

My headphones of choice are the Hifiman HE1000v2 and they have developed a bad connection at the 2.5 female receiver of the earcup. Hifiman will swap my phones for another if I send them to a U.S. address with a $380.00 PayPal payment, with that said, I would like to fix them myself or use an outside source (save $). My options as I see them are to hot wire the cables which are Moon Audio Silver Dragon into the phones or to replace the 2.5 female receiver socket and am wondering where I might source the socket? There use to be a place that would hot wire Sennheiser cables to their phones. What say you, any suggestions or leads would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
First off, sorry about the Silver Dragons. I have those. Not that great for the money, and even with careful handling the insulator cracks and there goes your cable. Their customer service is beyond crap.

But we deal the hand we're dealt. Hot wire into the phones. Totally. You can buy a real nice soldering station, quality solder and flux, heat shrink electric wrap and hot glue gun (or rubber grommets, your call) for a lot less than $380.

You don't need flux, but when you see how nice the solder flows with it you will be happy you got it. You don't need a fancy soldering station but when you try and solder a really thin wire and are able to adjust the temp to where it doesn't melt the whole wire you will be glad you got that too.

There'll be a learning curve but then when you're done check it out, you've acquired a skill. I assume of course you are already adept at the skill of swiping the credit card, spending money, etc and have no real further need of development in these areas. So go forth and solder!