Hot Tub Amp/ All Weather AudioGear?

Hi; renovating a Hot Tub Room's ssytem and found what looks like some sort of Alteck Lansing Sub, with huge cones _and_ Horns all tucked neatly under the Hot Tub. Haven't fired up the unit, and since the small "box" unit in the room had been partially wired to the "Quad"-"mod(?)" I'm very hesitant to even test the one unit. Okay, really quickly: the one Cabinet, almost stuck under the framework of the tub, is containing two large cones and two "horns." As I have said that I will do what I can for this establishment, and really only more of an "entry-level" hobbist, this is almost enfringing on my "sabbatical" year of no-work. Expecting no financial reimbursement, and already schetched out by the place's hight level of faith in equipment in rainy conditions, high-humidity, etc, I hesitantly ask for some accumulation of very serious professional opinions so as to politely install an "all-weather" system for this Native American Outpost. Non-intrusive Exterior Speakers, Non-intrusive interior speakers and multi-channel (read: more than one source, working simultaneously, _VERY_ non-intrusively) interior systems, tubes appreciated, but one resident has requested Solid State. Options? I don't want to fry anyone, nor get fried myself.
Not exactly in deep water,
and yearning for satisfaction.

install some marine grade equipment, including speakers, from a boating supplier - may be the only thing that will hold up under those conditions
thanks -- been offline for a while: looking to return to the hot tub project in future. Will look into boating suppliers for equipment. Thanks Again
-- Steve