Hot Rats

There are times when you have to pull this album from the rack and listen!
Just had it on the turntable last night!
Loves me some Frank Z.! Just the other night she was buns up kneelin' as I was wheelin' and dealin' to Apostrophe and Overnight Sensation!!

I also played Hot Rats last night! I usually play the LP, but I decided to check out the CD version again. I still prefer the LP mix. GREAT album!
I like the extended tracks on the CD. The album takes on more of a flow.
"Hot Rats" is only one of two FZ I own (other is "Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar") and I do love it. Can't stand to listen to any other album of his. Maybe one or two songs on many of them, but overall album to album, his releases are not my cup of tea.
Rockadanny - If you are liking SU&PYG, do check out "Trance Fusion" on YouTube. Someone uploaded the whole thing. Nothing but FZ guitar solos that he apparently selected (first and last reportedly Dweezil, however). "Frank Zappa Guitar" might also work for you . Along with Hot Rats, I really enjoy Burnt Weenie Sandwich and Chunga's Revenge Weasel's Ripped to a less extent. Definitely prefer instrumental Zappa to Zappa w/lyrics. Good call on FZ, Pops.
Thanks Ghosthouse - awesome! I will check out your recommendations. For me, when it comes to FZ, less talk/more guitar is always favored.
Good rec's so far! I'd add 'Live At The Fillmore East', Wakajawaka', & 'The Grand Wazoo'!.
Great album.I still have mine I bought when it first came out and my original Uncle Meat.I was captivated by it over 40 years ago and still am whenever I listen to it.Uncle Meat,Burnt Weenie Sandwich and Hot Rats my all time Zappa classic favorites.I love King Kong and Lumpy Gravy,his first solo Lp.I'm going to see his sons band locally in feb,heard they are excellent,he is a great guitar player,even better than Frank I think.The original Mothers of Invention were a great band.I saw them at the Fillmore East before it closed,his mother walked down the isle to introduce the band.She walked on stage and said I'm pleased to present my son Frank Zappa and the Mothers.
love overnight sensation - "moving to Montana soon gonna raise me a
crop of dental floss"
Moving to Montana soon, gonna be a dental floss tycoon, yippie I yo Ki ayyyy!

Couldn't help myself.

Great album, one of my favorites from FZ... it's packed w/ excellent compositions. Kind of expect that anyone who digs this one could find a lot of his other recordings pretty rewarding. Tunes like Twenty Small Cigars, Blessed Relief, Big Swifty, The Little House I Used To Live In, Zoot Allures and Echidna's Arf will rattle around in peoples brains for a long time.

"Blessed Relief" is on Grand Wazoo, not Hot Rats.
Did you perhaps mean "Little Umbrellas?"
None of the tunes I named are on Hot Rats... the post took a stab at listing a few tracks from other albums that anyone who likes Hot Rats would probably enjoy.
Actually, Twenty Small Cigars is. But I should have paid attention to what followed Blessed Relief in your post. My bad, my apologies!
For you folks that enjoy instrumental Zappa (Ghost and others), you should check out "Imaginary Diseases". Released from the vaults in 2007, it is a collection of jazz influenced live instrumentals recorded during Zappa's 1972 tour. It features the fantastic "petit wazoo" brass section. The tunes were selected and mastered by Zappa himself, just never released. It has grown to be one of my favorite Zappa albums.
Max - I will definitely check that out. Hadn't heard of it but it sounds exactly like something I'd enjoy. THANKS.
...Twenty Small Cigars is not on Hot is on Chunga's Revenge tho'.
...Petite Wazoo is a good Archival disc. The Jean Luc Ponty plays the music of Frank Zappa record also features some pretty spiff playing and compositions.
omigod, you are right--I do confuse those two LP's--it's been way too long. My sincere apologies once again!
Max - you were right. "Imaginary Diseases" is great. Found all tracks uploaded to YouTube and listened to the whole thing last night. Track sequencing is well done as they just build to a smokin' ending with "Montreal". Also discovered "Sleep Dirt", another all instrumental FZ recording. Thanks for the tip.
I like the title track, D.C. boogie, and Montreal. Glad you enjoyed it and I am going to look up Sleep Dirt.
Hey Tostadosundios, no big deal...appreciating / digging the stuff is what counts!