Horror story turned into a happy ending

I bought a pair of used Tyler Linbrook signature systems speakers over a month ago. Both speakers had dents on the upper corners when I received them, one big and one small, respectively. The one with bigger dent had some buzzing (or distortion?) sound, but I thought it would go away. One weighs 135lb and I did not bother to send them back. So I kept them a couple of weeks. But the problem did not go away, and I was frustrated with the distortion and finally contacted the seller and asked about the dents. He said none were there when he had them, so they must have suffered serious impact on transit.
I contacted UPS and they took one with buzzing sound to inspect it. Alas! The speaker was sent back to the seller's UPS office for inspection, but they refused to pay for the damage. They said that the packing was not proper and also it took so long timne to claim the damage! Though the packing was with original packing.
The seller was nice enough to pay for the shipping to Ty (the ownwer of tyler speakers). Ty determined that the tweeter needs to be replaced, which costs over $200 at Madisound. Ty was so nice and he worked with Madisound to pay only half the cost by returning the damaged tweeter to Madisound. He also worked on the finish of wood to buff out the dents without any charge for his labor!

Overall, with the shipping to me, I only needed to pay $200 to replace the damaged tweeter to a new one and free wood work! The speaker is now with me, and it looks much better than when I had it, and it even sounds fabulous. All buzzing and distorted sounds are gone.

I cannot but share my story with Agoners. Ty is such a nice fellow and he stands by his products even to second hand owners. Two thumbs down to the way UPS handles their damage claim. This is the fourth time I had damaged packages from UPS. One with a CD player, twice with turntables, and with Linbrook speakers. They only refunded fully for one turntable -- the sender asked UPS folks to pack his turntable, but apparently they did not know how to pack turntable -- no parts are separately packed. And refused all other claims due to improper packing, even though for me, all damaged packages seemed to have suffered either drop or bang on hard objects.
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Ty Lashbrook is a man among men in the audio world.You are lucky it was one of his products.I doubt ,very seriously,that another manufacturer would have helped you.
I have nightmares over the shipping process. The owner will no doubt keep many customers loyal via his handling of such issues. I put this character trait the highest on my list of DO's.
I also owned a pair of Linbrook Sigs and Ty is a true gentlemen that will go out of his way for customer satisfaction.

UPS & FedEx' default claim denial is insufficient packing. Routinely that is their response. Surviving 'carriers' is the key to this hobby, and it's main downside.

It's uplifting to hear such a positive sentiment with regard to Tyler Acoustic. Now that's advertising one simply can not buy.
I purchased a pair of cherry Signature Speakers from a fellow Audiogoner that he bought from Ty. FedEx delivered one speaker and it worked flawlessly. The next day the second one arrived and it had a dent on the base plinth and the woofers did not work. I called Ty and he walked me through the process of determining the problem and the remedy. He could not have been nicer and more helpful. Thanks again,Ty. Steve Levick
Nice to hear someone knows that customer service equals repeat business and the best advertising that there is possible; word of mouth,forums like this on the internet, and its free!
Ty is certainly a winner with the great customer service he provides.

A comment on shipper/carriers. Use no one but UPS, the claims process is the best that is available from any of the carriers, and that is not to say it works all the time. I have found that you need to file a claim within a week of delivery. So, inspect and test the item within that time frame. Also, with UPS the receiver can file the claim on line, others require the shipper to do so. UPS, once advised of damage, will pick up the item the next business day. The UPS procedure to is to inspect and if they feel the damage is not theirs, send it back to the shipper. Hopefully you paid via PayPay, and therefore they will refund your money once you provide the UPS tracking number showing it was returned to the shipper. If UPS pays a claim it is to the shipper, not the receiver and it is not assignable. If you prove to PayPal that the shipper has been paid for the item, they also will refund your money. Remember, it you use an UPS Store, they are the shipper, not you. That complicates the matter but still gives you some protection. Finally, anyone that ships a turntable has lost it. That type item is a pick up only.
I have had some big problems with UPS too, recently they tried to back out of paying for damage they did to a subwoofer I sold and shipped.

1) First of all, always pay extra insurance. If they accept your money, accept the package, and don't send it back to you because of poor packaging they are are responsible for the package. Don't let them tell you otherwise. Once you have paid the insurance and they have accepted it, you have an agreement that they will re-imburse you for any damage.

2) Take a picture of any item you pack yourself, at the UPS store, or as the UPS guy is there to pick it up. Take several before the box is closed, and then as it's closed. They can't really argue with that later then. Saves a step.

3) The recieving party HAS to make the claim IMMEADIATELY, or you could be screwed. Also, if you are the one who recieved the item, send it back. The shipper is responsible for the condition of the item, ask for a refund and have them deal with the claim. If you are the shipper only accept the responsiblity if the buyer tells you of the damage immeadiately, and then file a claim with UPS ASAP. Also, have the buyer take pictures ASAP including in the box.

4) never give up, just keep after them. It's a pain, but if you paid the insurance and they accepted the payment and the package, they must pay you.

There, that's my $0.02.
Please consider using 'shockwatch' system when shipping.

They will indicate drop/bang type incidents and when used properly, the magnitude as well.

I worked for a company which used this for our frequent shipments to an outside vendor.
Use these and you may save some additional hassles?


Instruct the receiving party in the use of the shockwatch. If it is 'tripped', you must inspect for damage, more closely.
If it is NOT tripped, chances are you are in good shape.
My intention was not to so much critisize UPS, but to share some good experience with merchants.
However, UPS still could do a lot better job.

1. If they were to deny any late claim, they should not have picked up the speaker.
2. They should have made it clear that the inspection was to be done at the sender's site. If I knew it, I might have thought differently.
3. The sender's UPS accepted insurance initially, but refused to insure it at any amount when it was sent to Ty.

Even if I had reported the claim earlier, the UPS store would still have refused the claim due to faulty packaging, even though it was same as factory packaging.

It would be very hard to pack 135lb speaker to sustain any drop or hard impact. The big dent on the corner surely shows that the speaker might have been droped or banged on hard object.

Anyway, I do not disagree UPS may have better policies than other carriers, but there seems to be still a lot to be done differently. As said, it would be a good idea to take pictures and check with UPS/FedEx/... store guys that the packing is secure and damage claim will hold.
I have worked for companies in a technology area. Some of the equipment is both large / heavy AND fairly delicate.
Like photolithography 'steppers' to make integrated circuits. They are on a VERY large granite slab. No compromise, here. The optics and moving parts simply can't sustain much shock during shipping, even though I assure you, it is very carefully packed.
Yet, with extremely rare exception, stuff is shipped without problems.

You can pack a speaker for shipping. Maybe, it will entail somehow immobilizing the woofer cone or cones so they don't slam around during the almost inevitable banging around.

Please read the Shockwatch link. Won't prevent any damage, but can be another point in your favor when something goes wrong during shipping.
Magfan-Air ride 18 wheelers are the way to go as well;I am also in the semiconductor industry and have seem multi million dollar testers,handlers and probers miss treated even by the best transporters in the industry;Shockwatch is extremely usefull and to also note that if they are activated the signer should note it on the paperwork received from the delivery people if possible.
>Two thumbs down to the way UPS handles their damage claim.<

You are lucky you got ANYONE to listen to your story after waiting for two weeks to report it. UPS had every right to deny your claim. You could have knocked the speaker over in a drunken stupor for all they know.

I have had to file two UPS claims in the past and they made good both times.

So you are saying that I was still lucky that UPS listened my late claim even though it was denied later due to lateness?
Well, if you think so be it that way, but sorry, my brain does not work that way.

Anyway, it appears to me that it did not really matter if I claimed the damage ealier since they would have denied it for another reason, even though in that case I might have something to fight against their decision.

Important thing is, I am a happy man now. No need to bash UPS so much at this point, but I need to be extra careful in handling such issues.
Photograph ANYTHING wrong with package at time of receipt.
Photograph as you unpack.

Claims go much more smoothly when you can document everything.

As an aside, I had a power glitch take out an amp. I wrote down exact time/ data and the fact it was a sag, followed by a rise....I watched a lamp.
Anyway, based on this, the power company simply sent me a check after I sent them the bill. Zero Hassle.

I suspect the same would happen with UPS. More documentation CAN'T hurt.
If you simply say 'It was broken when it got here', that probably won't work.