Hornshoppe "the Truth" preamp - any opinions?

"The Truth" changes the paradigm in Reference Line Stages, literally. Its existence has even forced me to remove a "Direct Connection" in "Class A", because such a choice no longer makes any rational sense to me. In the end, "The Truth" is effectively a "direct connection" with no sonic downsides, and with the ability to drive any amplifier load and/or length of cable, while allowing any source to be heard at its very best. With the exception of extra gain, an audiophile can't ask for more than that. I realize that this may all sound "too good to be true", but it isn't. 

-- Arthur Salvatore  http://www.high-endaudio.com/RC-Linestages.html

This is high praise indeed, he likes it better than Coincident's Line Stage which is saying something, was wondering if someone else has heard it and compared it to other active line stages (am a big believer in active, though currently using AMR DP-777 DAC as my pre)
Chris (Cal) thanks for the clarification. In my Frankenstein I replaced the Solens with the Jupiter copper foil capacitors. This yielded a modest improvement overall, definitely subtle. So the Solens is actually quite good as the stock capacitor. The speaker crossover cap change was more significant. You have different Coincident speakers so you may or may not have similar results. In regard to the Frankenstein IMO it’s so well designed/ executed it is  really very fine in stock form. Subtly improved is possible but I doubt major improvement.  After 10 years in production the Frankenstein MK II has its first update announced several months ago (internal wiring and output transformers).

I tried one in my system for a couple weeks and while the Truth did not appear to lie to me in any way that I was aware of, I eventually returned it as it simply did not sound as good as what it had replaced, an old but recapped and serviced Yamaha C2-a preamp.
Hi Chris,
Do you have any further listening impressions of the Truth/Frankenstein pairing? Is the PS Audio DAC direct to the Frankenstein still your preference? I know that each individual system can have its own unique variables and synergy factors.

I really wish there was a balanced version of this preamp (my amps and source are balanced). I would have either purchased it in place of my current preamp, or would be testing it against it.

Needing a balanced preamp, I got a Tortuga preamp instead, and have been marveling at its seeming lack of audible characteristics every since. Though I do wonder if the Truth is at all a more (I almost said truthful) transparent device. 

Anyone have any experience with both preamps?
@charles1dad I started to write a message on Thursday or Friday saying that I was going to to return the unit and spend the money elsewhere.  Then I came home and tried the silver input and it improved things quite a bit. I would not say that the improvement was revolutionary, but it's better than a direct connection, a smoother presentation with better bass.  It also spreads out the image a bit, which is impacting my ability to place instruments.  I think I can fix that by increasing the angle of my speakers though.  Have had visitors for most of the post-thanksgiving, so I've only been able to work very critically on the stereo a few times.

Unfortunately, adding the pre doesn't fix my low volume listening problem.  The Coincident PREs still fall apart at low volumes.  I had attributed that to distortion to the volume control on PWDac throwing away bits below 50% volume, but it appears that the speakers just need a certain amount of juice to come alive.  Disappointing that that wasn't fixable...  

Also, its clear that the pre-amp is still breaking in.  I've heard it change just over the weekend, as did everyone else in the house.