Dear all audiophile I am planning to buy and try horns speakers the 2 speakers I have zeroed in are hRONS overture which were there in the munich 2022 and the 

Viking acoustic grande voix has any one here heard them to speak which one is better Ibelieve cost does not mean good sound always.

your answers will be much appreciated.


 I tire of those who pass about hearsay and bias as facts while not having any hands-on experience.

I agree!

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If possible look into the offerings by Charney Audio full range single driver horns. I just up graded to the Companion with Voxativ AF 2.6 drivers. Sweet clean engaging sound with deep clean bass in my 11x15x8 office. Wether studio or live the artists are in the room with you…spooky real! If your space is bigger Charney can accommodate you. 



I don't know where you live, but if you are close to Tucson, Arizona, you are welcome to come listen to Volti Audio upgraded Khorns.  Have the system of my dreams. All amps are tubes and range from 6 wpc to 29 wpc. sensitivity is around 105. Have no problem driving with 6 wpc. You have to listen to as many systems as possibive.