Horns with good timbre and tonality?

I’m looking into buying a pair of horns for my next speaker. I sold my Sonus Faber Elipsa SE. Looking for a more realistic, more lively sound. I’ve heard the Triangle Magellan and enjoyed the sound, but wonder if there is better.

I appreciate speed and dynamics with good timbre and tonality. I know horns are good with speed and dynamics, but not sure if they can do timbre and tonality like SF can.

Looking at German Blumenhofer FS1 / FS2, French Triangle magellan, Fleetwood deville, Avantgarde.

It will be paired with Mastersound 845 Evolution SET or Auris Fortissimo amp.

Room size 40 x 15 x 8 feet

Must realistically play Solo Piano, Cello and full scale symphony.




very interesting speaker Classics. Have you had a chance to listen to them? They’re located in Jakarta, seems like a wild place to ship from. 

did you hear Volti?

Do you think they can reproduce dynamics ?

If your question was about Martin Logan Renaissance 15A, the answer is NO.  I had owned them for a few years and sold them.  They were great for vocal, slow jazz music, but not dynamic.

I own Volti Rivals and am very pleased with the sound.  These are my first horns as I needed the sensitivity paring with tube amps.  Can tailor the highs and mids with easy changes to the crossovers.  I roll off treble -3db due to my room.  Love the build as well.

OMA are cool but pricey for what they are...I use Heresy IIIs as their mids are better than the IVs based on my extremely elevated superior taste and ultra sensitive listening skills. Or my gummy kicked in...something...

I've heard several Horn brands but the ones that stand out at least for my taste are Odeon speakers from Germany.

Most engaging and organic Horns i've ever heard.

This is what i would get if i wanted to buy Horns.