Horns for Rock.

I'm searching for a pair of speakers for my brother. He only listens to Rock...all types. From Zeppelin to Nickleback. PRAT, Dynamics, and Loudness are really important. They must be efficient and under $1200 on the used market. Any ideas? Thanks
I would suggest the original Klipsch Forte'. I enjoy all kinds of music on them but they can rock with the best of them. Care in choosing ancillary equipment will bring out their best. If not careful they can be too bright and forward.

Look for the Klipsch Epic series, either the CF3's or the CF4. Also look for a pair of Klipsch legend KLF20 or 30's. They are all around 100dB. These all have horns, will meet your budget and they will rock.
Jbl 4430 15"2 way with Biradal "butt cheek"compression driver horns. 93 db effecient with virtually no limit on power input. Ive Biamped these and fed the woofers 1200 watts without a whimper. VERY Stable imaging and sledgehammer quailty bass to 30hz and below. These will be tough to find as they are excellent I found a pair for 410.00 with missing grills. (they retail for 4K)
Klipsch Cornwalls, Chorus, or Forte models should work nicely if he has a large enough room. If not, maybe a pair of Klipsch Hereseys with a decent subwoofer would rock in a smaller room.
I agree with Plato, these are large speakers and need a large room. There is a pair of Belle Klipsch for sale on Audiogon listed for $1800, there is also a pair CORNWALL's for sale for $885. I have owned all of these listed and they are a great choice, Klipsch La Scala, Belle's, Cornwalls, and Chorus. If you go to Klipsch .com you can get the specs and dimensions on all of these. Look under pruducts discontiued. If these speaker are too large for the room ,I would recommend Klipsch reference RF7 tower. There is a pair for sale on A.G. for $1350, RF5's for sale on A.G. for $775, or the KLF 30's or 20' are good also. Now, this is all dependent on what amp you put in front of them. Hornloaded speakers like either tube, or high qulity solid state.
Klipsch Hereseys with a 30-40WPC Tube amp will rock and give all kinds of good action..

The older Klipsch are the only way to go. Don't use the RF7s they are tinker toys and yes all you need are Heresies but don't underpower them. I have LaScalas and Heresies and think the bass is better on the Heresies. The laScalas will play very very loud but you don't want to hurt yourself now do you!
gotta agree with the heresies. classic hybrid, and rocks
You could also look for some of the pro model La Scalas. Bigger bass driver than stock. They come in a couple varieties (split or full cabinet) and they aren't very common, but can be found. There's also a pro model Heresy - I don't know how or if that speaker differs from the stock model. I have pro La Scalas (full cabinet) and they are all I've ever wanted in a rock speaker, and any other for that matter.
Altec is another speaker you really ought to investigate before making a final decision.
Thanks for all the suggestions, he bought a brand new pair of Klipsch Heresy III's for a really good price.
Another vote for the Klipsh Cornwall II's or LaScalla's. Some of the best rock speakers ever. Did I mention they will play really loud?
The original Klipsch Heresy mates VERY well with Quicksilver Horn Mono amp.
the heresy threes are the best hereys yet
Lascalas or Cornwalls. If you are lucky, you might find the khorns (i picked mine up three years ago for 1300.) I also would recommend KLF 30 or KG5.5 and they typically are cheaper. I have three kg5.5's i use in my home theater and used them in my 2 channel before i picked up the khorns. Good rock speakers with plenty of bass
Don't know about that.I hear the original Heresy not prototypes are the best.Remarbly Ihad my oness and a pair of IIs at the same time.The alnico Magnets on the 1s dwarf the ferrite IIs but the sound wasn't altogether different. Did the threes finally improve the crossovers and are the big alnico magnets back ont he drivers (I think OEMed by EV.) Tell you what. I have very good La Scalas all original and will beat that price like a rug.
You could get a pair of Altec 19s for $1200 and they would blow away ANY pair of Heresys for rock music. No contest.
My garage system is a pair of LaScalla`s and a little marantz 2216b, and may I say 16 watts can get the neighbors mad at me. I had them hooked up to a mac mc352 several years ago that was just insaine. I do feel the cornwalls have better bass. I have heard a pair of khorns bi-amped with a pair of crown dc600 (1200 a side) and I must say I have never FELT bass so intence anone who says klipsch dont have bass must not listend to them with a big amp say 600 to 1000 watts. By the way the heresy`s can be picked up for 400 to 500 used