Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”

I am interested in a high efficiency horn with SET AMPS, in a 12 ft by 18 ft room. 9 ft ceiling .
I have narrowed my choices down to Charney audio Excalibur http://charneyaudio.com/the-companion-excalibur.html
and rethm maarga v2
would appreciate input from any one who has heard the above speakers or someone who has a similar system . 
listening choices are vocal music , no classical music.
Very rarely might want my system to play loud party music .(extremely rare ) does not have to play it like solid state system. Thanks in advance 

Given that Brian agreed with your assessment he shouldIf take them back.  He could always try different drivers, capacitors or resistors in the speaker.  I can tell you my Viking Acoustic Grande Voix Dual horn speakers are everything that I dreamed about.
@willgolf I am still working with Brian. I don’t think expecting Brian to take it back is fair . He is a great guy and has a great product. Only problem is I am not able to make it sing in my room .
not done yet lol. Not ready to throw in the towel. More room placement experiments, room tmt , subs … on the way …
will keep u posted 
@newtoncr I had a conversation with Charney about your issues and he confirmed the problems you've been having. One thing though, according to him your room is 12x20 but the rear wall is open to a much larger room?  So the speaker is actually trying to accommodate a space possibly out of the range it was designed for? Can you confirm this it would help for offering suggestions. 
I've heard these and they are remarkable. I'm not a Horn Speaker owner. I have Maggies, Tekton and Vandersteen. Different animals for sure but I have enjoyed these many many times. has anyone else heard them?http://www.stereotimes.com/speak010708.shtml