Horn speakers are really bright?

So I’m trying to understand why so many people think klipsch or horn speakers are bright 

I have two  set up garage and living room both with horn speakers EPIC CF4 garage and and KLF 30 mahogany living room  

I have recorded this songs with my iPhone  listen to them and feel free to tell me what you don’t like about them
 by the way I don’t have any room treatment


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The new drivers are much better.  Vocals are more pronounced and the instrumentation cleaner and more pronounced.  


You’re exactly right 

sounds much better to me but I wasn’t sure my iPhone 13 pro max mic is getting everything thanks 

I've worked my way through Magepans and Thiels and am now running Klipsch Forte iv's. Quite a change from power hungry speakers. The Forte's are, to me,  much more dynamic and live sounding with no harshness.

Several people have said it. Horns need good gear to sound good, just like with any other speakers.

Not saying my gear is great but I like this setup with the Forte's: PS Audio PWT, Mojo Mystique B4B DAC, Don Sachs DS2, and First Watt F7. 

Thanks for listening.