Horn speakers are really bright?

So I’m trying to understand why so many people think klipsch or horn speakers are bright 

I have two  set up garage and living room both with horn speakers EPIC CF4 garage and and KLF 30 mahogany living room  

I have recorded this songs with my iPhone  listen to them and feel free to tell me what you don’t like about them
 by the way I don’t have any room treatment


’Bright’ is subjective. ’Fatigue’ is another factor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh come on, Lets all tag snakeoil when we hear it. Bright, screechy, steel-y, harsh, attacking, name it as you wish, It all amounts to one great enemy The Fatigue Factor. There is not 1 woofer in the world that has not given my listening exp TFF. Woofers struggle to voice above 1800hz. Which means , and you can read this evident fact on every Troel Gravensen' page~~~That the tweeters have to carry the 1600 to 3500hz load. Then miraculously have enough energy, stamina to voice 3500 to who knows where. Yeah I bought into the woofer+ tweeter things for decades. Thats all we knew down here in New Orleans 1970's We did not have access to many audio shops, WE had rat Shak til SoundTrek opened. Its was a wall of Woofer/Twweter speakers. I chose Philips, thought the world of that speaker. 2 way, should have gone for the 3 way, but did not want too forward a blaring midrange driver. ,,After experiementations some yrs ago, it was mind blowing to see and hear the snakeoil in woofers trying to voice classical music at under 89db ses. Next to a 91db Full range, 6 incher, single, no tweeter A MTM vs a Single 6. Single 6, although crappy sound, blew the MTM with 1 clean shot 1st few seconds,. No contest in that shootout. Never looked back. My tech refuses to understand the FR exp vs a woofer/Tweeter exp. Sure I emply dual T's. Adds a bit of beautiful ambience, but only kicks in at 4khz. Tweeters are not made for large orchestra below 4k hz, Stress out, distort. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Horns are wayyyyyy too sens for my taste, needs. I can not accept any speaker that attacks, And trust me, horns are **inyourface** which makes for fatgue. I guess is extreme SPL is your thing, then yeah horns might be your cup of tea. Over 95db sens, you will lack low end with a massive wall of midrange. The only speakers I know that fit the yask of perfect db sens, are FR, at 92db-95db. There is not one weakness I can hear in a higher end FR within this parimeter. **missing the lower bass range** oh lets get real, bogus complaint. Give up a few hz's for glorious fq's throughout the entire musical register. My guess is FR will become the speakers of choice, which revolution has been going on quite some time in some parts of asia. DHT's + FR, match made in heaven. Its going to take some time before this realization takes place here in the states. And we all know the why's to that Q. Paul The FR Guy New Orleans

Oh no! You're back again, with your encyclopedia of crazy opinions and psuedo facts. It was a nice vacation while it lasted.

This is the main event in my speaker system. I can not allow even 1 tiny complaint about how this speaker performs. 

Sadly not avaliable any longer. I bought one of the few remaining pairs  some 2 yrs ago, He continues to list his VX6 which is near  the perf of the VX8.

You'll have to try AER for a   option. Might be better, might be worse, Can't say. Other alternatives are Voxativ and Cube. 


I’m not going to do anything to them  just removing from inside the speakers in others to do the bracing properly or maybe it will be easy to work around it  

actually I removed my CF4 V2 crossover and send it  Crites to rebuild it 

CF4 crossover is very complicated no replacement 


Does this sound bright?


It depends on how you tune it.


I use Pap c1 active crossover and biamping to drive Altec A7


Good luck1