Horn speakers are really bright?

So I’m trying to understand why so many people think klipsch or horn speakers are bright 

I have two  set up garage and living room both with horn speakers EPIC CF4 garage and and KLF 30 mahogany living room  

I have recorded this songs with my iPhone  listen to them and feel free to tell me what you don’t like about them
 by the way I don’t have any room treatment


For me, sound that is homogenized with your surroundings is most important. I cannot imagine mine getting better, as a renter, than I have now: converted one-car garage  room, floating floor on Pergola ( air space) under my Klipsch (gen. 1) Forte powered by Cary Rocket 88 tube amp, controlled through a Schitt equalizer, into the new Bluesound Node. I sit slightly further away from my Fortes than they are distanced from each other… in an electronic Lazyboy, and enjoy watching TV sports (while turning off Joe Buck’s “diarrhea of the mouth”)… listening the the primo DAC in the Node stream worldradio stations from all genres, Bluetooth from my iPhone, CDs from my Sony, or HDMI ARC  off my YouTube TV.  It’s pure BLISS!
I would agree that the classic Klipsch speakers sound very different with different amplifiers. The phasing issues between drivers may contribute, as does refraction in the horn enclosures themselves in the sound I hear, and can be exacerbated by a bright solid state amp, for example. I used the Crown amp as it was grainy and not a good match. My C-J MV75A-1 would be a much better match. But I really did hear an unnatural edge to the horn systems I heard at the show.

and I really meant it when I say that Deja Vu’s horns can sound pretty great, but the cost is astronomical. 
I have Heritage IVs.  When running a Parasound SS amp and preamp they could be somewhat harsh and fatiguing.   With my Raven Nighthawk integrated tube they sound great.  Still detailed but not fatiguing.  I realize this is always subjective but I feel the tubes made a real difference with the Klipsch.
So, I am NOT trying to be rude here, but horns belong on the top of poles at high school football stadiums because of their great dispersion characteristics.

No matter what you do, a horn has a sound characteristic that distorts the music. While Klipsch and others have done a remarkable job trying to "tame" these issues, when you listen to them next to any Magneplaner, you hear the issues with your own ears.

To the poster who said Maggies are "bright," my suggestion is to find an installation that was properly done and you will not have that same opinion. Maggies put out what you put in. SO, if your source is "bright," that is what you will hear. This is why Magnepan and Audio Research were marketing together in the beginning. That paring was MAGIC, and remains so.

Maggies can be difficult to set up properly, and you must have top quality hardware driving them, so I get it that some find them "off" in some ways. AND, as we all know, your ROOM is the most important element of any sound system, so...

HOWEVER, thousands of customers have them and LOVE them from all across the listening spectrum, so they must be doing something right.