what do you know about horn speakers?
are they "good"?
well they will play really loud without much power, I don't know if I can say they are good or not some like there sound other don't I think they are a good option if you are running low wattage tube gear and want reasonable volumns. Best advice I can give is listen to them your self and decide that waym cheers TIM
sorry way not waym
I have built several pairs of the 'jerico' horn with the Fostex 208 driver and Medallion II cabinet with the Lowther PM2A driver. They are the best speakers I have ever heard. Yes, they do work well with low powered tube gear because they are very efficient. They have dynamics that speakers with crossovers just cannot come close to. Email me if you want to chat.
Just gotta love them ole' horns!
It depends on which horns: There are Lowthers, Klipsch, and Avante Garde. All are very efficient, but very different in sound. I used to own a few pairs of Klipsch speakers. They were very dynamic and terrific for rock music. My tastes have changed and so have my speakers. I now listen to mostly jazz, classical, and vocals and changed to Martin Logan speakers. I have listened to several models of the other brands of speakers. I personally do not care for the Lowthers, but there are others that really like this sound. It's a single driver system, so there are no associated problems with cross over, but it just never really sounded right to me--I don't really know how to better describe it--maybe it was just boxy sounding. The Avante Garde speakers are the best horn speakers I've ever heard and don't really sound like horns, but they are efficient. This gives them the added benefit of being able to be easily driven by SET tubes--a really terrific and intoxicating sound. Unfortunately, they are priced accordingly--rather expensive. The new Klipsch series I don't care for--but if you can find an old pair, and listen to mostly rock music--they are very good.
I have found the Klipch sound very strident. I'd only consider horn speakers if you are a true low power fan. It you use 5 watt single ended tube gear then horn speakers are a very viable consideration. Otherwise your better off sonically with other designs.
two horn speakers that sounded as good as anyting i've ever heard, were the avantgarde duo's & the jadis eurythmies. and, this was on *any* type of music. outstanding dynamics. everyting was wery detailed & natural, only ting was the soundstage was not as holographic as some conwentional dynamic speakers, or some e-stats. i could be happy w/'em w/som 2a3 set amps, if i could afford 'em, or stand to have 'em sitting in my living room... ;~)

one horn speaker that i haven't heard, but i'd *like* to is the hedlund horn:


doug s.