Horn Speaker Recommendations

I am looking for your feedback on what Horn speakers I should consider in the $15k-$40k price range.  Please describe the rationale for your recommendations.  
If i were doing a mid century modern, Volti, Audio Kinesis, Classic Audio would all fit, but I am not. Right now it is down to Avantgarde, hORNS Universum or Symphony and Pure Audio Project.  Others could be added.  
@atmasphere  ... " your amplifier investment dollar will be best served by a speaker of 16 ohms rather than 8 or 4"

Curious, then why don't speaker manufacturers do this? Wouldn't they want their gear to sound the best possible? 
Curious, then why don’t speaker manufacturers do this? Wouldn’t they want their gear to sound the best possible?

Honestly, I think they are pushing to go 4 ohms and lower to give the appearance of the speaker being easy to drive because generally speaking, as impedance goes down, sensitivity (as a measurement) goes up. The problem is sensitivity isn’t the same thing as efficiency, and with tube amps in particular efficiency is a much more usable specification/measurement! Beyond that, my opinion is they often haven’t made the connection between distortion on the spec sheet vs. what they hear. That increased distortion is audible as increased brightness and harshness.
John Atkinson’s eye-popping measurements of the Klipsch AK6 speakers in the September 2019 issue of Stereophile show that we have come a long ways, baby; but Klipsch has not.
@phomchick...And yet, the reviewer, Art Dudley, thought the new AK6 Khorns, at 15K, was a steal. Go figure. Enjoy ! MrD.