Horn Speaker Recommendations

I am looking for your feedback on what Horn speakers I should consider in the $15k-$40k price range.  Please describe the rationale for your recommendations.  
I own Volti speakers (The Aluras) and fell in love with the Vittora speakers but they won’t fit in my small 12’x14’ dedicated room.  The Vittoras are awesome and would be fantastic in your space. Just an incredible sound. Not to mention that Greg Roberts the owner is a fantastic guy to work with. 

I’m using all Border Patrol equipment with an Innuos Statement sever.   All of these will work extremely well with the Volti speakers. Definitely something I believe you should look at. 

Try to audition Audiokinesis Bienville suite, Azel Tower, etc.
I prefer ( and build ! ) systems using horn on the very wide 80-20Khz range, with active open baffle big diaphragm subwoofer.
This principle avoid bass issues in "small" rooms (35sqm, about 320sqft)
...and take benefit of life-like sound and efficiency of horns in almost all the range : You can use even a 2,5w triode amplifier and play Mahler 3th symphony or Amon Tobin Electronic music at very loud levels.
(raw finish + direct selling = 14K€ for our system  https://www.kornhent.bzh/. )Marc HENRY