Horn Speaker Recommendations

I am looking for your feedback on what Horn speakers I should consider in the $15k-$40k price range.  Please describe the rationale for your recommendations.  
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JBL DD67000 is the most dynamic modern horn speaker with pretty high efficiency.

You can drive it with low power tube amplifier(10-40Watts).
Check Charney Audio in NJ.
Check out these guys.  I heard their speakers at a show last year and was blown away.  

+1 on both Deja Vu and Charney Audio
I have heard many excellent horn systems in my years, and truly appreciate the full range horns ( into the sub region ) the most. Phusis knows of what he speaks. Stringreen, I think I should jump on a Vandersteen thread, and mention : of all of the Vandersteens I have owned, sold, and set up for clients, over the years, I managed to get them to sound stage, etc, very well, but they were all very limited in the dynamics department, and other characteristics as well. It has been my experience, that a good horn system, set up properly, can create a wonderful image, sound stage, etc., creating a very believable performance, with all genres of music. Pianissimo and Fortissimo. Musical words used to describe dynamics. Music contains dynamics. Horns do this best. Other words of interest and importance, for excellent music reproduction, besides Dynamics : Tone; Timbre; Pitch; Rhythm; Tempo; Beat & Meter; Harmony; Melody; Texture; Coherence, and I am sure I am leaving things out. Sound staging and imaging is a by product of all of this, and if it is on the recording, it will come through in spades. An accurate, realistic system, should do it ALL. Enjoy ! MrD.