Horn People--Suggestions,Please

I almost bought a pair of AG duos. When I fund out the circumference of the mid horn I was in a state of dismay. 26 inches is just too large for my room.---I have never seen these in person.---Only pictures--- To me, the pictures on the web site don't make them look THAT large.---Not to mention I didn't find any dimensions;there.-----Anybody heard the solo's----AND how they compare to uno/ duo?? Is there another brand comparable in sound Q?--BTW,what is the circumferece of the solo?? 'Appreciate your input/suggestions;thanks

Oh' almost forgot: 'goes in an apt. 12/7 wide--L-shapped room. I have a motorised screen over 100inches in the middle 'tween the speakers---AND---the exit is in the left corner,behind the speaker. Running an 845
I have Duos and they are very fine.

The one time I heard the Solos I thought they were in a completely different class (lower) than the Duos. If I was thinking of spending the kind of money it takes to get Solos I would look to Lowthers.

If you really want horns then any that are as efficient as the Duos are going to be that big or bigger,
Thanks Herman,even tho it is a depressing thought
Check out the Cain & Cain line. They are narrower, I believe, and they get great write-ups.
'goes in an apt. 12/7 wide--L-shapped room... a motorised screen ... 100inches in the middle 'tween the speakers---AND---the exit is in the left corner...
Methinks you could accommodate a medium-sized horn (have to use corner on one side & part of the opening on the other), but that's just me. Problem is, all horns with a useful (low )extension are largish in diametre. Cain& cain, or the ORIS (excellent horn: www.diy-systems.com) are still mostly just under 2' diametre each...

But you'll be happy with the sound, even with HT!
I use oris 150 but there just as large as duo.Nice thing about horns is you can put them near the back wall or corners .The cain will not be in the same class as your duo .I owned duo 2.2 before going oris pic of my new sat sub horn system http://steinman.mesls.org/stereo/J%20Kalinoski%20Loudspeakers%20101.jpg maybe oris 200 might work for you.A bit smaller than duo or uno