Hope to find help with the following please?

I have a Sony TC-KA5ES cassette deck which is stuck on type two tape select and also isn't allowing me to calibrate my tdk ma-xg's properly. Any advice please?
Get it fixed? Or use only Type II tapes...

Thank you for the response Rlwainwright.

The thing is, and I do apologise for not being more specific earlier about this: It calibrates the sony metal, chrome tapes,pre 1990 ma-xg's and 1990 onward ma-x and ma's just fine.

The recordings come out high quality.

Could it be that it actually is picking up the metals, not like the 1990 ma-xg's and possibly just be an illumination issue?

Technicians here in Australia won't go near them unfortunately.

Your feedback is always appreciated.

It's been a while but if memory serves the cassette formulation is designated by the holes in the top of the cassette. A switch on the deck reads the tape type by sensing the hole position. I would bet you have an issue with the sensing switch.
Well I checked Wikipedia and my memory was correct.

Check this out.
Hi Timrhu,

Thank you for the feedback and link.

I think you are right.

when I take the deck cover off to check the movement on the sensing switche/s. there is little to no movement from them when I insert a tape.

Does that sound normal?