Hooking up Pass Labs X600 mono's to B&W 801's

Need some advice on best method to hook up my B&W 801's to my Pass Labs X600 mono amplifiers.
My first time using mono amplifiers and wanted to learn about the best way to run these into my system. Any insight would be appreciated!

I have a BAT VK-32SE pre-amp, VK-D5SE player, Pass Labs X600's and finally the 801S3 speakers.
I am using the balanced interconnects throughout the system and want to know best method for connecting the speakers. The 801's already have the jumpers affixed. Since the Pass Labs amplifiers have 4 binding posts, is my best direction going to a 4-wire speaker cable and eliminating the jumpers on the speaker? Thanks!
I'm sure others can give you better and more specific information on this topic but this thread might be helpful: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?cspkr&1429463845&read&3&zzlMjmch2003&&

You can either do a shot gun set which is two cables at the speaker end or 2 completely separate pairs either way works just as well.

I would be more concerned with the quality of the cabling.

Also The BAT CD player although a very good player is out of date and a newer digital front end will sound better.

You absolutely want to eliminate those cheap jumpers.

More cable equals more current and better sound.