Hooking up Paradigm speakers to Denon amplifier

I just bought Paradigm Studio 100’s (used) and I have a Denon AVR-3805 AV Surround Receiver – I can’t get the two lower speakers on the tower to work. What am I doing wrong?
Make sure, if you are not bi-wiring/bi-amping them, that the jumper plates are installed. These plates connect the binding posts together for single wire installations.
Mofi has the most likely explanation. If you're not clear on what he means, just do a search under "bi-wiring" speaker connections and you'll get a lot more information. To test his reasoning, disconnect your speaker connections and move them to the bottom pair of red/black connections at the back of the speaker. After you make the switch you should only hear the two lower speakers on the tower.

Here's a great picture and explanation on bi-wiring:

Thank you - I used a jumper and can, for the first time, hear them.

Next question is that I think I need to upgrade my Denon AVR 3805 to something that puts out more watts per channel, Paradigm recommends 200 watts.
Here what I’m driving -- all Paradigm speakers
• Studio 100’s v.2
• CC 570 (center)
• Sub woofer PW 2200
• ADP 590 (surrounds)

As you can tell, I’m buying used gear because I’m a senior on a tight budget. What would be a good 200 watt amplifier that will play music as well as home theater?