Hooking up MARANTZ MODEL 15 without a PREAMP?

I bought this beautiful Marantz Model 15, which is vintage…which contains two mono blocks uniquely built into one unit… with only speaker wires OUT, on each mono block… I haven’t anything preamp integrated to feed it into my Bluesound node! What a stupid move on my part! What do I do now as my Cornwall IVs wait for me to fix this dilemma! Does anyone know how to hook up these two mono blocks to my Cornwall fours and integrate the Bluesound node? I feel so stupid not to realize and purchased this very first Marantz solid-state amplifier from 1966…GEEZ

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Does the Bluesound have a variable output RCA's? Does the Bluenote have a volume control? It needs both for it to work. Do not hook it up if it doesn't.

"There are NO  INPUTS on the MARANTZ " - Yes there are on the back top, 2 RCA input jacks. DO NOT hook it up if the Bluenote has no volume control you will get full volume to your speakers and blow them.

Look at the inputs at the top of the amp. RCA out of the Node into the RCA input of the amp. Control the volume with the bluos app:

Marantz Model 15 rebuilt Photo #2182788 - Canuck Audio Mart