Hooking up DEQ2496 with USB DAC?

I am probably confusing myself needlessly, but I'm struggling to conceptualize how I would configure the ins and outs if I were to use my DEQ2496 in a system with a USB DAC. Sound files from my computer will be fed via the USB port. Thanks for your help.

If your DAC has a SPDIF out the SPDIF can go to the DEQ2496.
Either you can use the DAC in the DEQ2496 to output analog.. OR, you would need some other DAC from the DEQ2496.
I own a Behringer DEQ2496, and it is between the CD transport and DAC.
The DEQ2496 has no provision for USB.
You computer may also have a SPDIF port.. Though I have no idea of the quality of it's output.
(as I do not stream music from my laptop)
I have one too. Its incredible how much stuff they put into that little box for such a low price. Weather you should get one or not depends on how what you need it to do. I use mine to try and make poor recordings listenable on my main system that is very detailed. If you are using it for something like room correction, I would recommend a demo first. (Actually, its cheap enough to take a chance on and if you don't like you can sell it with not too much of a loss. I paid under $300 for a brand new unit on Amazon.)

As Elizabeth points out in her post, its not usb compatible. Personally, I wouldn't rule it out just because of that. Also, a lot of people say that its hard to use. I don't feel that's the case. The EQ does have a lot of different features and settings, but if you take some time to learn how the menu's work, its not hard at all.
Mapleshade makes a USB to spdif converter, if that helps.