Hooking up Aleph 30's/60's in Mono?

I assume this is possible but how would it be done? What power would you be running to each speaker at 4 or 8 ohms.
I'm not sure it is possible.
Send an email to Peter at Pass Labs. I doubt that it's possible but they would be able to say for sure. Whether an amp is bridgable or not is highly dependent upon the grounding scheme. "Pass Domestic"
I emailed Peter. He said

"The outputs of each stereo amp could be run in parallel (red to red, black to black) offering somewhat more current per channel. The input signal would be split using a "Y" splitter in from the preamp. It's not really a monoblock but it's the only option for the Aleph 30. The Aleph 60 is already a monoblock design."

Guess that answers it.

Thanks for your replies!