Hooking up a tube pre-amp to a processor

I'm not good at hooking up this stuff and here's what I want to do. I have a Proceed AVP that does not have an analog bypass. I have tried both digital and analog connections from the CD player and have settled sonically on the digital connection. But, will adding a good pre-amp, and I'm thinking tubes, do me any good? In other words, if I add one won't the signal still be converted by the processor's DAC, though it might be a more musical signal than the one coming directly from the CD player now. Will it be worth adding a pre-amp alone or do I replace the processor with one that has an analog by-pass and then also add a pre-amp. I use a Meridian CDP, Dreadnaught amp, Aerial 10-T speaks.

I appreciate all explanations and suggestions. Thanks.
Get a tube preamp with a HT bypass. Run the lt/rt front outs from your AVP into the tube pre. Then on to your power amps.Now run your CDP directly to the pre, totally bypassing your AVP.When you are listening to other sources,movies,etc, set the pre to bypass, and the AVP will operate normally.
JDcrox. Thanks for the response. I guess I don't have to replace the AVP afterall.