Hooking up 2 separate amps to 2 different outputs

Is there any possibility of damage if I hook up 1 amp directly to the analog output of my dvd player and 1 amp to an outboard dac from the coax output? As long as I only power up 1 amp at a time, I can have 2 sets of speakers in 2 different rooms.
Hi Drumhead,

I am no techie...but if you DVD does not have 'variable output'...then you are getting to get a single level of volume through your amp...probably fairly loud...and that's all with no ability to turn it up or down.

Same from your outboard dac.

As for what you are doing with 2 amps, 2 sources and 2 sets of speakers...i am not sure why you say "as long as you only power up 1 amp at a time."

where are your components overlapping? thanks...apologies if confused.
Only one source with variable output and currently one amp that I keep switching speaker wires - as opposed to degrading the signal with a speaker switchbox. I was thinking of upgrading the amp anyway but thought...hey, I could just add a better amp for the better speakers.
I'm just trying to find out if experimenting like that could cause damage.
Add an attenuator (passive pre) to the fixed level output (ahead of the amp) and you should be good to. I used to take the coax digital signal from my Music server and run it into a dac and then on into the pre in my main system. At the same time, I also ran the analog out into a Sonos Zone Player for distributed audio. I never had a problem....but both chains (main system and Sonos distributed) allowed attenuation.

Good luck