Hooking high output MC to low MC stage.

A friend of mine gave me a classic low output MC preamplifier many years ago. It is a Biotronics Gestalt. It is a straightline design, with separate transformer, no on/off button, balance or tone controls. The cartridge loading can be selected inside the preamp. I have been hooking a Sumiko Blue Point with a pair of dB Systems resistors in the path so as not to overload the input section. I do not know if I'm altering the sound or if there is a better way of doing this. Any feedback will be appreciated.
Have you ever tried it without the resistors? I had a Blue Point and it would play fine in either phono preamp MM or MC I tried; just louder in the MC. (I did use it in MM mode because the gain on my audio preamp was also high. Turn the volume all the way off if you try it now.
Actually, I can't recall whether I did. I was hesitant to do it...I do not know what the phono overload of the preamp is. Perhaps it should be able to handle it...from 0.25 mV to 2.5??? Maybe.